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Please fill out the following form and we will add your upcoming Car Show event to a the appropriate section within the Rock 'N Rod website for everyone to use. The Rock 'N Rod site is maintained as a child safe place to surf, and shall remain as such. We are not censors and support freedom of speech on the Net, but wish to protect the children who it is hoped will visit and learn more about rodding through the Rock 'N Rod website...

Please fill in as many of the blanks as possible leaving as few blank as you can.
Please be sure to give some information in the description about what your event will be having.
Cruise, Poker or Keno Runs, Poker Walk, Contests, Raffles, Car-Engine-Transmission raffles, DJ or Live music, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinners, BBQ's, Children's activities, Dances and Sock Hops, Awards, Fireworks, Automotive Vendors, Arts & Crafts vendors, Sponsor Booths... The more info you list the better your listing will be.

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Please list as much as possible as this is what everyone looks for..
Awards, Games, Competitions, Poker Runs & Walks, Dances, BBQ,
Breakfasts, Entertainment, DJ or Live Entertainment, Children's Events,
Bikini Contests, etc.....

Promoted/sponsored by:

Organization that benefits by the show, if the same as the promoter leave blank.:


Event Location and Directions is a very important question to fill out and is required.

Event Location and Directions: (required)
Please give an actual street address that the event will be held at so your show
can be found using Yahoo, MapQuest and other map programs online.
Also, please give as best as possible street/ HWY directions on how to get to the event 
for your out of town visitors......
Please include a valid street address for use in online mapping sites.

Entry restrictions: (required)
(such as pre 1972 or Restored vehicles only...etc..)
You can also state such as: No restrictions, open to all vehicles.


Event Times:   Please enter whatever is relevant for your show.
Welcome Party Times:
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Judging Times:
Awards Times:
Raffle Times:
Breakfast Hours:
Lunch Hours:
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Dance Times:
Cruise Times:
Poker Run Times:
Poker Walk Times:

Other event times, please write it in:


Fees Participants: (required)
Display Vehicles, Vendors,.. etc. Both Early registration and day of event...
(Be sure to state the early registration cutoff date

Early Registration Fees:
Day Of Registration Fees:
2nd Vehicle (must be registered to the same address) etc.:

Early Registration Cut-off date:

Vendor Fees: If you allow vendors, give some vendor information as well
as fees and a contact number to call for full details:

Fees Spectators: (required)
Spectators / General Public..  Both Early ticket purchase and day of event...

Parking Fees if there is a fee for spectator parking:

Additional Sales Items:
(i.e. Extra BBQ-Lunch-Dinner Tickets, Dance Tickets, T-shirts, Dash Plaques and other items:

If possible, give some accommodation details for out of town rodders: 
(Motels, Hotels, B&Bs, Camping (For RVers) etc. in the area with
contact numbers if possible.)

Other nearby area attractions if any? Sometimes this helps determine shows attended.


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We will add the following:  DEPT RNR5
 to the street address so you know when they found the info here at Rocknrod.

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Please enter an Email address in the following box, even if this is the same as Submitters Email)  No entry here will mean no Email Address will be posted on the listing.....

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Very important these days.

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Thank you for your car show submission, it is appreciated.

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