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Friends Fund Raiser Car Show
June 24th, 2005, Next to Cindy's Restaurant, Oakdale, California

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I left the eBay Live 2005 convention in San Jose and hurried back to the valley so I could make this special event which is one that I could not miss. The Fund Raiser was put together by a bunch of friends of Paul Lee who had open heart bypass surgery. Since Paul is self employed, the fund raiser was put on in hopes of helping with bills and the like during recuperation. Paul came through the surgery fine and the fund raising car show came together as planned. It was a huge success thanks to all of those who donated to the raffle and everyone who came out to enjoy the Friday night show. Paul gave me a note that he wanted me to post on his behalf, so the following is from Paul:

"I cannot begin to say thank you enough. My heart is as full as the parking lot was full of street rods. As you reached out your hands in friendship I grabbed a hold of each one of them, and I grow stronger in this show of love. When and if you ever need me, I will always be there.
Thanks again,
Paul Lee Sr."
There's approximately 100 photos from the show in this album, I hope everyone enjoys them....


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Photography by: Dennis Espindola Sr.

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